Awards | Certificates 

"Honorable Mention Award"

"Honorable Mention Award" 2019

"Excellence Award"

Brick Lane Gallery 2021
"Excellence Award" 2019

Awarded "Finalist Certificate" 2019

Awarded "Finalist Certificate"

"Honourable Mention Award" 2020 

Awarded Winning Artist Pedro Sousa Louro
CFA Contest Honorable Mention | Pedro Sousa Louro

"Honourable Mention Award" 2020 

"RUSTICO 1594"  In the contest, "Art in the time of Coronavirus & Social Distancing" by CFA  Circle Foundation for the Arts the artwork was found by the jury panel really exceptional and have been awarded with Honourable Mention Award
Pedro Sousa Louro artwork awarded with Honourable Mention Award
CFA Contest Honorable Mention