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 Established his career as an artist in London where he graduated with BA on Fine Art. 

Pedro Sousa Louro has had numerous careers, including TV presenting and modelling for almost 17 years but has always lived on drawing cubist images. Now a full-time artist Pedro transfers his soul into is studio. His work is his way of portraying feelings, emotions and perceptions, -both consciously and unconsciously- through detailed geometric compositions balanced with lines and shapes.  Using multiple techniques in each artwork, his concern lies with creating a dialogue with colour and form, rather than over-focusing on subject matter.  Numerous materials come into play during the artist’s process such as textiles, reclaimed wood objects, old journals and wallpapers.  With canvas or wooden panels for a base, these are combined with rustic deteriorating metals elements, created through a technique he developed by using oxidising copper powders. Combinations of letters and numbers are applied to balance the composition, and finally each artwork is finished with yacht varnish. 

  In Pedro’s work, you can see the evolution in his dialogue with colours and geometry. Despite his preferences about contemporary artists, like for instance, Francis Bacon and Ben Nickolson. His reminiscence comes from the "neoplasticism" of Mondrian, Robert Rauschenberg, and in some way Picasso.  Still, the most crucial influence of Pedro’s creativity is Ben Nickolson, where the Cubism has been part of his life. Only in the early part of his career, in his more recent researches and studies he finds himself combining both Cubism and abstract expressionism in just one practice as he creates his works. He uses the technique of "dropping", used by Pollock, but with the order and sense of Rothko. 

Pedro is originally from Portugal and moved to the UK over 29 years ago to study his passion for art. He later graduated from Chelsea College of Art and Design in 1997. He further continued the second degree in 2011 on Abstract Vision and Abstract Expressionism at Kensington and Chelsea Art College University. 

Pedro is hugely inspired by his favourites artists Francis Bacon and the British abstract cubist Ben Nickolson but also finds himself drawn to so many other great masters in art. Is from them that he finds himself creating his work. In his artistic abstract expressionism and cubist language translations attempts, he tries to not stick with just one technique, because he does not stress about the subject matter.  Pedro is only focused on the compact geometric detailed balance of each artwork he designs, and also concentrate his attention on the final details. Such making each colours interacting between each other and finally altogether managing to build an artist creativity personal statement in all of his finalised compositions artworks.

Pedro has collectors around the globe, including Europe, Russia, the Middle East, Australia and the USA. 


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"My artworks are all-around mix media mediums after developing the next idea and final vision of an artwork. Starts the craziness of searching and finding materials that I need. On bases, I use wood panels, canvas, and wood with canvasses shits fixed on it, done by myself. My studio frames all my artworks with mid-century wood bars/style around. My artworks are created by my visual perceptions, both conscious and unconscious, and that is the language from my creative nerve system.   

In my artwork's compositions, I use materials such as textiles, old wood objects, old journals with prints, and old wallpapers incorporated with rustic deteriorating metal elements from a Technic that I developed by oxidising copper powders. I finalised each composition with combinations of letters and numeric symbols that I like seeing together to balance the abstract vision of the artwork. Then I finish the piece by varnishing with yacht varnish. I'm never interested in painting beauty. I don't paint beauty. I let the beautiful paintings to be done by other artists. I aim to carry on my creativity focusing into forms and abstract geometric vision and all that is quite brutal I have to admit. Geometry for the geometry sake is my creative tool and therefore is also my way to demonstrate my knowledge about beauty".

  - Pedro Sousa Louro Interview by INSIDE ARTISTS MAGAZINE 

*Exhibitions | CV

2020 | Two national artworks commissioned | Two International art fairs | Two national art fairs | One international exhibition. 

*COLLECTIVE ART SHOW  16th December - 20th January / Van Gogh Art Gallery / Madrid Spain 

*AFFORDABLE ART FAIR MILAN 2020 / -Van Gogh Art Gallery - Madrid / February the 6th -9th / Milan Italy 

*SALONS D'ART CONTEMPORAIN | artf3 / Van Gogh Art Gallery / 21st to 23rd Aug / Monaco

*START ART FAIR 2020 / 9th- 13th September / Saatchi Art Gallery / London / UK

2019 | Five Collective exhibitions and one international art fair and one national art fair.

*EMERGING ARTIST AWARD 2019 / 7th February - 9th March / Creates Magazine / Creates Gallery / Monmouth / Gloucester UK 

*FLUX EXHIBITION / March 14th - 17th / The National Army Museum in Chelsea / London UK

*SUMMER SHOW 2019 / July 4th - 12th / La Galeria Pall Mall / London UK 

*FLUX EXHIBITION POP-UP / July 7th - 14th / Turning Tides Festival / Greenwich Peninsula / London UK

*KUNST MESSE - LEIPZIG INTERNATIONAL ART FAIR 5th anniversary / by Van Gogh Art Gallery Madrid / 1st - 3rd November /Germany

*Wimbledon Art Fair / Open studios / November / London UK

*COLLECTIVE ART SHOW / 16th December - 20th January / Van Gogh Art Gallery / Madrid Spain 

 2018 | Two Collective exhibitions and one national art fair.

*FLUX EXHIBITION / April Exhibition / Chelsea College of Arts, University of the Arts London (UAL) / London UK

*Vintners Place - Landmark Building / artful.org.uk / May London UK 

*Wimbledon Art Fair / November Open studios / London UK

*Focus LDN / Winter Exhibition / Menier Gallery / November London UK

 2017 | Three collective exhibitions and one international art fair and one national art fair.

*Focus LDN / Old Brompton Gallery / Collective / London UK

*FLUX EXHIBITION / Summer Exhibition / Chelsea College of Arts, University of the Arts London (UAL) / London UK

*Parallax International Art Fair / Chelsea Old Town Hall / London UK

*Wimbledon Art Fair / November Open Studios / London UK

*Vintners Place - Landmark Building / artful.org.uk / November London UK 

 2016 | Four collective exhibitions and one international art fair.

*FLUX  Exhibition /The Old Truman Brewery / Collective / London UK

*Focus LDN / "The Londoner's Compass" / Collective / The Strand Gallery / London UK

*WITP2016‬ Emerging Artists Exhibition / "What's the point?" / Collective / The Strand Gallery / London UK

*Parallax International Art Fair / Chelsea The Old Town Hall / London UK

*UNLEASHED Exhibition / Menier Gallery /London UK

*Wimbledon Art Fair / Open studios / November / London UK

 2015 | Five collective exhibitions and one international art fair.

*Arte Maze / Oxo Tower Wharf Bargehouse / London UK

*FLUX  Exhibition / The Royal College of Art. Kensington / London UK

*Rare Art / Menier Gallery  / London UK

*Le Dame Art Gallery / by Cristina Cellini Antonini / Meliá White / House Hotel / London UK

*FLUX Exhibition / by Lisa Gray / The Rag Factory / London UK

*ARTROOMS 2015 International Art Fair / Selected by The Cult House / Meliá White House Hotel / London UK

*Wimbledon Art Fair / Open studios / 14th - 17th November / London UK

 2014 | One pop-up show and two local collective exhibitions and one international art fair.

*The Cult House / Christmas Pop Up Show / London UK

*Chelsea Local Artist Annual Exhibition / Chelsea The Old Town Hall, kings road / London UK

*Battersea Park Local Summer Artist Exhibition / Battersea Park / London UK 

* Parallax International Art Fair /Chelsea Town Hall /London UK 

*Wimbledon Art Fair / Open studios / November / London UK

 2013 | One international art fair and one collective local exhibition.

* Parallax International Art Fair 

*Chelsea Local Artist Annual Exhibition / Chelsea The Old Town Hall, kings road / London UK

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