Vintner's Place Landmark Building 2017-2018 London 

Pedro Sousa Louro exhibited at the historical Vintners Place London

We were delighted to be exhibiting the stunning artwork of Pedro Sousa Louro at Vintners Place, London.

The exhibition ran from 10th November 2017 until 10th May 2018 at Vintners Place, 68 Upper Thames Street, London, EC4V 3BJ. contact info@artful.org.uk 

Pedro Sousa Louro exhibiting at Vintners Place London – ARTful

Sousa Louro at The Vintners Place Landmark Building London
Sousa Louro Exhibiting six months at The landmark Building Vintner's Place
Sousa Louro exhibiting six months at a London Landmark Building
Sousa Louroexhibiting six months at a london landmark building