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"In his works, you can see the evolution in his dialogue with colours and geometry. Despite his preferences about the contemporary artist, like for instance Francis Bacon, his reminiscence comes from the neoplasticism of Mondrian and Ben Nickolson, and in some way Picasso. Considering that, he does not stress about the subject matter, but the geometry for geometry’s sake is the key in his pieces. He uses the technique of 'dropping', used by Pollock, but with the order and sense of Rothko. As he assures, Cubism has been part of his life but is only in the early part of his career, in his more recent researches and studies he is emerging both cubism and abstract expressionism in just one bright and sharp Pedro. His main aim is interacting and dialoguing with the spectator, telling a story. After a short figurative spell combined with his characteristic geometric style."


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   *EXHIBITIONS NEWS  START.net   2020 at  SAATCHI ART GALLERY  | October Wednesday the  21st to  Sunday  the  25th    

START Art Fair 2020 | Saatchi Gallery London UK
Pedro Sousa Louro 2020 exhibitor

*Client Commission  | Completed February 2020 

Commission Feb 2020
Client Commission Completed February 2020

* New Artwork done during the pandemic lock-down months  | "Lockdown day 29th  " framed

"Lockdown day 29th"
"Lockdown day 29th"


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